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Advice and technical assistance
for all your FRP equipment
and plastic piping

Preliminary Design

In the pre-project phase,
ACTP brings you specific help on the following issues:


  • Selection and determination of materials suitable for your processes.
  • Work with the Research and Development laboratories of the main resin and/or thermoplastic suppliers..

Design, feasibility

  • Evaluation of the design and feasibility of your complex equipment.
  • Adaptation of old metal equipment to ‘plastic’ construction.

Technical specifications

  • Assistance in the drafting of specific technical specifications.


  • Assistance in drawing up budgets.

audit of manufacturers

  • Visit and evaluation of potential manufacturers for the realization of your equipment.
  • Experience in monitoring manufacturers in low cost regions (Asia; Middle East).

Purchasing dep. assistance

  • Technical clarifications.
  • Technical alignment of offers.

Detail Design

In the case of complex plastic or composite equipment,
ACTP carries out technical studies including the following services:

of calculations

  • Pre dimensioning
  • Pressure vessel in accordance with European or US standards
  • Checking the design conditions for earthquakes
  • Piping flexibility

Drawing of

  • General arrangement drawing for going out to tender.

manufacturing drawing

  • General arrangement dans details drawings.

Develop. manufacturing

  • Welding book.
  • Lamination book.


It is also a technical support
during the different stages of your project follow-up

Checking of documents issued by manufacturers

  • Calculation notes.
  • Construction plans.
  • Manufacturing procedures
  • Inspection plan

Assistance at technical meetings

  • Kick-off meeting.
  • Pré inspection meeting.

follow up

  • In the workshop.
  • On site

Final inspection
and acceptance

  • Final acceptance tests
  • Checking the manufacturing book


Thanks to its expertise in plastic or composite equipment,
ACTP intervenes in the following cases:

Condition of a piping systems

  • Expertise of existing lines
  • Setting up an inspection schedule
    and/or replacement
  • Repair procedure


  • Damage assessment.
  • Budget and feasibility of repair.

a follow-up plan

  • Equipment tracking plan


ACTP proposes
the following trainings:

Knowledge of plastic and composite materials:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermosetting
  • Construction
  • Equipment failure
  • Coatings
  • Notion of cost
  • Recommendation
  • Design of plastic or composite equipment:

  • Design conditions
  • Materials
  • Calculations
  • Building codes
  • Definition plan
  • Different types of assembly
  • Rules for Chemical Engineering Applications:

  • Building Code
  • UIC Document DT15
  • Anti-corrosion laminate construction
  • Chemical resistance table
  • Tracking and reception of equipment:

  • Prerequisites
  • Building code
  • Characterization of constructions
  • Qualification of operating procedures
  • Qualification of operators
  • Follow up Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer’s file
  • Inspection
  • Advice

    Un service gratuit
    d’assistance conseil

    You have questions on all the problems of design and processing of thermoplastics or thermosets (composites), ACTP offers a free service for answering basic questions concerning all the problems related to the design and construction of thermoplastic or thermosetting equipment:
    > Codes and practices or reference documents
    > Contacts information for potential manufacturers
    > Implementation of an organization and / or strategy

    Simply call us or send us an email:

    Tél. : +33 (0)4 72 19 19 13
    Mobile : +33 (0)6 07 08 42 82


    Examples of projects monitored

    Chantier HHR Arabie Saoudite

    Realization of a station roof for high speed train. This roof is made up of an assembly of sandwich panels: epoxy resin + fibreglass and a foam core PET.

    Laveur marin porte-containers

    Realization of a scrubber installed on a container boat – Diamètre 6400 mm – Hauteur 18000 mm
    Lab France – Haipeng China

    Ensemble mélangeurs décanteurs

    Case History – Installed in 2014 at AREVA’s McClean Lake – Extraction Solvent Plant (Uranium Mill), Saskatchewan, Canada. TECHNIP Lyon (France) / ZHONGYI (China) / AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (Canada)